30 | 06 | 2023
Co-founder & CEO

A Golden Week For Cell Therapies

Cell therapies offer the promise of reversing and even curing the most debilitating diseases, including diabetes and Parkinson’s. The long-awaited moment has arrived, and this week we witnessed a surge of positive patient data that the regenerative medicine community has eagerly awaited. The infectious positive energy at the Cellino office in Kendall Square grew with each news item. As my co-founder Marinna said, she couldn’t stop smiling all week. I want to take a moment to celebrate our resilient industry, driving these transformative shifts in medicine. It is important to acknowledge these victories and honor the visionaries who dared to dream big and spearheaded this paradigm shift for patients.

Last Friday, we received positive news regarding Vertex Pharmaceuticals‘s type-1 diabetes therapy. According to the press release, “All six patients treated with VX-880 engrafted islet cells, produced endogenous insulin (C-peptide), and demonstrated improved glycemic control while reducing or eliminating insulin use. The two patients with at least one year of follow-up achieved the primary endpoint of eliminating severe hypoglycemic events (SHEs) and maintaining HbA1c levels below 7.0. Additionally, both of these patients achieved insulin independence with HbA1c values of 5.3% and 6.0%.”

This development signifies that we are finally on the path to making stem cell-derived therapies available for patients suffering from the most severe form of diabetes. To witness this announcement just 11 years after losing my grandmother to severe diabetes is truly remarkable. I am immensely grateful for future patients and their families who will benefit from these life-changing therapies.

This Wednesday, we received yet another positive update from the BlueRock Therapeutics team regarding their Parkinson’s therapy. The press release stated, “Investigational Bemdaneprocel (BRT-DA01) was well-tolerated with no major safety concerns observed in all 12 patients over the course of one year. Assessment of secondary endpoints demonstrated the feasibility of transplantation and provided evidence of cell survival and engraftment.” This news is incredibly promising, especially considering that the estimated one million Americans with Parkinson’s disease currently lack viable options for disease-modifying treatment. The existence of such a transformative therapy would not only change the lives of these patients but also have a profound impact on their caregivers and families.

The word that immediately comes to mind is “gratitude.” I personally feel grateful for the leaders and teams who transformed these therapies from bold visions into reality. I have been incredibly fortunate to have Emile Nuwaysir from BlueRock Therapeutics, and Reshma Kewalramani, MD FASN, and Bastiano Sanna from Vertex Pharmaceuticals as mentors and advisors during my journey with Cellino. Your unwavering determination and courage to develop these therapies for patients will forever change the world. Thank you for daring to dream big.

In conclusion, the advancements in cell therapies bring hope to countless individuals battling debilitating diseases. We stand at the forefront of a transformative era in medicine, driven by visionary leaders and dedicated teams. As we continue our journey at Cellino, we are fueled by gratitude and inspired to deliver personalized, affordable cell therapies that will change lives. Together, we will shape a future where patients receive the life-changing treatments they deserve. The path ahead is filled with immense possibilities, and we eagerly anticipate the remarkable breakthroughs that lie ahead!

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