Intern, Biology

Audrey is a senior studying neuroscience and math at Harvard University with a passion for untangling complicated biological systems. Before joining Cellino, she interned at Biogen and developed a predictive in vitro-in vivo model for neurology drug formulation. Previously, Audrey conducted research at Boston Children's Hospital/Harvard Medical School to identify small molecules for nerve regeneration and remyelination; she also investigated microglia-oligodendrocyte interactions after injury through in vivo animal models and primary culture experiments. At Cellino, she combines her background in neurobiology, computational know-how, and unwavering curiosity to accelerate the development of engineered cell types.

Origins: NJ, USA (not the Jersey Shore)

Dream job: Professional dog cuddler

Hobbies: Technical theater, acrylic painting, arXiv vs snarXiv

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